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My name is Cameron. I'm 8 years old and I've never been to school. I like ninjas, Power Rangers, Star Wars, Mummies Alive, spending time with my Dad at Cub Scouts, playing with my sister (though sometimes she gets annoying), animals, playing on the computer, watching tv, playing miniature golf, swimming, and drumming. My favorite holiday is Halloween and my favorite food is pizza.


Cam and Sam
October 2005

This is me and Sammy Terry! I got to meet him at the Headless Horseman ride at Conner Prairie. He told spooky stories and afterwards I got his autograph and Mom took our picture. 
I actually met him two years in a row. This picture is from last year (2004). When he saw me he said "You're the most handsome thing I've seen all day...except when I looked in the mirror." LOL   

Sammy Terry Web site

Conner Prairie Web site


Here I am with one of my Nana's raccoons. Her name is Lucy. I was trying to give her a piggy back ride. My Nana and Papaw raised three orphaned baby raccoons this year.

I have a new pet!

This is my new mouse, Mouseferatu. I got him on February 1st, 2006. I call him Mouseferatu because he is white with red eyes. Some people think mice are scary but I think they are cuddly!
Mouseferatu likes to get up on top of his cage. He also likes his ball but he doesn't like to use his wheel. He always has a scruffy head, which I like to kiss.

Me kissing my new mouse

Me and Mouseferatu

I like being a big brother!
This is a picture of me and my sister Catherine.


I also like to cook. These are some of my favorite recipes:

Cameron's Winter Fruit Salad
(This is my own recipe!)
1 pineapple, cored, peeled and cut into bite sized pieces (save the juice)
1 pomegranate (seeds only)
2 large bananas, sliced
4 kiwi fruits, peeled and sliced
Mix all together with some of the juice from the pinapple. 
Mini Bits
(This is my own recipe too.)
Ritz crackers
pepperoni slices
black olives
pizza sauce
Layer crackers with with pepperoni, mushrooms, black olives and plenty of cheese. Heat them in the microwave until the cheese melts then dip in the pizza sauce.
Square Eggs
(This is the way I like my eggs for breakfast. We use a square pan, that's why they I call them square eggs.)
Crack two eggs and some milk in a bowl and whisk together. Pour the eggs in the skillet and cook them until they are firm. You can season them now if you want but don't stir the eggs! Now, cut the eggs into quarters. Check to make sure they are starting to brown on the bottom and then flip them over. When the other side is cooked, use the spatula to put them on a plate. You can top your eggs with something if you want. I like to put syrup on mine. Mom likes to put cheese and salsa on hers.

Some of My Favorite Web sites:

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Haunted Paper Toys

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