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My name is Catherine and I'm the youngest member of the Radtke family. I'm only 1 year old, but I'm my own person! 
I like Teletubbies, Little Bear, Bear in the Big Blue House, and Winnie the Pooh. I love cheese and lollipops. My nickname is "Messy Bessy" because I just love to make messes and paint myself and any nearby surface with my food.

I have a favorite "toy". Her name is "Bean" and she's my baby. This is a picture of me and Bean. 


And this is a picture of me "dressing" Bean:


Have I mentioned that I like to make messes! It's my favorite thing in the whole world! It's so much fun to squish and squash and throw my food. (Mom doesn't always like my messes as much as I do though. I don't know *why*.)


This is a picture of me getting ready to make a really big mess! When I got it out of the refrigerator it was a snack, but it was just so much fun to play with that I got a little carried away. Mom says she's just glad it didn't have sauce on it. I think my masterpiece would have looked better with a little more color, don't you?


I *LOVE* animals. Dogs and cats are some of my favorites, but I think this may be my favorite animal of all. This pig lives at Conner Prairie, a place we like to visit a lot when the weather is warmer.


I also like to watch my Mom dance. Sometimes I dance with her. She gave me my own coin belt so I can jingle when I dance too!


This past autumn I got to see the leaves change for the first time. It was really something! This is what I looked like when I saw autumn leaves in full color for the first time: