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Pagan Parenting Resources

This page is being re-worked, so check back soon!

Book Recommendations:


Pagan Parenting: Spiritual, Magical & Emotional Development of the Child by Kristin Madden

Circle Round by Starhawk, Diane Baker, and Ann Hill

Wheel of the Year by Dan and Pauline Campanelli

Celebrating the Great Mother: A Handbook of Earth-Honoring Activities for Parents and Children by Cait Johnson and Maura D. Shaw

Family Wicca by Ashleen O'Gaea

WiccaCraft for Families by Margie McArthur

The Pagan Family: Handing the Old Ways Down by Ceisiwr Serith



Pagan Kids Activity Book by Amber K.



Song to Demeter by Cynthia and William Birrer

The Story of May by Mordicai Gerstein

The Ballad of Biddy Early by Nancy Willard

All I See is a Part of Me by Chara M Curtis

On the Day You Were Born by Debra Frasier

Conjure Woman by William Miller

The Rainbow Bridge by Audrey Wood

Earth, Fire, Water, Air by May Hoffman and Jane Ray

When The Moon Is Full: A Lunar Year by Penny Pollock

On The Morn of Mayfest by Erica Silverman

Lord of the Dance: An African Retelling by Véronique Tadjo

Dear Children of the Earth by Schim Schimmel

Children of the Earth, Remember by Schim Schimmel

The Tooth Witch by Nurit Karlin

Sun Song by Jean Marzollo

The Circle of Days (a child's version of St. Francis' Canticle of the Sun) by Reeve Lindbergh

Be Blest: A Celebration of Seasons (also inspired by St. Francis' Canticle of the Sun) by Mary Beth Owens

Can I Pray With My Eyes Open? by Susan Taylor Brown

Who Is Ben? by Charlotte Zolotow

Sacred Places (a multi faith book that is Pagan friendly) by Philemon Sturges



A is for Apple, W is for Witch by Catherine Dexter (deals with "fairytale" witchcraft but still a good story about a girl being teased because her mother, and eventually she herself, is a witch)

Witch-Cat by Joan Carris (again, "fairytale" witchcraft but has a good part where the main character begins to think about the moral implications of practicing magic)



The Circle of Three series by Isobel Bird (my personal favorite!)

A Gift of Magic by Lois Duncan (actually, I like all of her stuff, but this one was my favorite from a Wiccan perspective)

Silver RavenWolf's Teen Witch fiction series



Spiritualized: A Look Inside The Teenage Soul by Mark Healy

Teen People's Faith edited by Megan Howara and Joan Barrett

Sun-Day, Moon-Day: How the Week Was Made by Cherry Gilchrist & Amanda Hall



The Lady of Ten Thousand Names: Goddess Stories from Many Cultures retold by Burleigh Mutén (a perpetual favorite at our house!)

Irish Legends for Children retold by Yvonne Carroll

Moontellers: Myths of the Moon from Around the World by Lynn Moroney

Beneath the Earth: The Facts and the Fables by Finn Bevan and Diana Mayo

Creation: Read-Aloud Stories from Many Lands retold by Ann Pilling



Blessed Be - A Pagan family magazine with regular homeschooling articles, articles on parenting, and plenty of things for kids to make, do and learn. From the publishers of PanGaia and Sage Woman.

How About Magick? - A magazine for Pagan kids. From the publishers of Green Egg. (Last I knew, publication of the magazine was temporarily suspended.)



Circle Round and Sing by Anne Hill (the companion CD to the Circle Round book listed above)

Mother Earth We Sing to You by Squirrel (music for Pagan kids)

Celebrate Seasons by Sara Jordan (songs about the seasons and nature based on science and facts)

Mother Earth by Tom Chapin (or any of his other CD's, but Mother Earth is one of the most pertinent to Pagans)



Little Bear on Nickelodeon and on video (especially the Little Goblin Bear and Winter Tales collections on video)

Fantasia and Fantasia 2000 (Disney)
Scooby-Doo and the Witches Ghost (this one is iffy to me, but my son loves it)

Other Sites with Recommended Reading Lists:

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Unitarian Universalist Religious Education resource page - not Pagan but Pagan friendly

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